She is one of Bonny's apprentences, tasked with searching for the three secret stones. She uses a wooden bow and arrows made of lightening in battle.



Vain, petty and quick to anger, she comes off as rather unlikable to others. She loves being the centre of attention, as reflected by her unusual clothes and unique powers. Even so, Bullian uses her personality traits to mask her sharp eye for details and cunning mind.


Born as the prince to the largest country in the world, she eventually realized that her true purpose in life was to help defend the world as a beautiful woman. So she left behind her duties as prince and began to travel. Along the way, she met Bonny and became her apperentence to be a hunter but also to get a attractive date.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Using a bow, she can control and fire arrows made of lightening at will. 


Her name can also be translated to Burillan.