Don't mind the haters below; if you like Driland, then that's great! If you like Fairy Tail, then that's also great! But hating is not so great!

Driland is Shit.Full Stop.

Let me just say this. You REALLY want to waste your time so that you can watch a guy called Poron and a princess called Mikoto who wants to become a Hunter. Dafuq is a Hunter? Yeah it may seem like i'm taking the piss out of this show but don't you think yourselevs that this is a waste of time? As Funimation says you should be watching(Fairy Tail).I must make a nother point as well. We don't find out that Mikoto has special powers UNTIL EPISODE 10. What sort of fuji is this?If you like d Driland, say aye. If you prefer Fairy Tail, say aye pet.