Half Human/Half demon (Vampire)




Demon Clan


Member of Demon Clan



First Appearance

Episode 13

Voice Actress


   Lala is a character of Tanken Driland. She's a member of the Dark Clan, and Diaga is her master. In her 1st appearance she tricked Mikoto and almost kill her.


A beautiful young woman with short mustard hair and blue eyes, with a dark bow on her hair that has red rose on it. She also wears  dark gloves with the same red rose. Lala wears a short dark piece of clothes with purple jewel upper her long dark dress with a wide pink line, and high gray boots with the red rose. When she turns into a vampire in episode 13 the short dark piece of clothes flew away, and she'll have sharp teeth and black wings.


She is a pretty good liar, because she tricked Mikoto, but she's little shy as well. And in the final episodes we see that she betrayed the Dark Clan and helped Mikoto and the others to save Driland.


We don't know so much about Lala, because we could't see her a lot in the show. But when Pan was in the Dark's Clan prison Lala gave him food with shyness in her face, so she could have a crush on him. Lala perhaps decided to betray the Dark Clan because when Mikoto saved her from falling she learned she understood the feelings of danger and fear if the Dark Clan won, and how kindness will benefit everyone.


Lala when she become a vampire she'll become so dangerous, becaause with one bite she can kill her victim


  • Lala is a member of the Dark Clan, and Diaga is her master.
  • Her upper dark piece of clothes is just for hiding her wings.
  • Her true form is the vampire.
  • Lala's name in the Arabic dub show is Vall

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