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First Appearance

Episode 1

Voice Actor

Kanako Miyamoto

Mikoto es la princesa de Elua y el personaje principal de Tanken Driland. Su arma Es Una espada.


Mikoto has long blonde hair and large brown eyes. Her standard outfit is a light blue dress with metal plate armour on her chest, shoulders and sides. Her outfit is also adorned with blue gems and bracelets. Her sword is strapped to her left hip and is kept in a brown sheath.

While acting as a gondolier in a town she visited, she wore a white dress lined with pink, an orange neckscarf and belt, and a st
Mikoto's Goldolier Outfit

Mikoto's gondolier outfit.

raw hat with a blue band around it.


Mikoto is a cheerful young woman, and often has a smile on her face. She is very friendly to everyone, even strangers, and is always the first to lend a hand if she sees someone in trouble. Although she is a princess, her passion is exploring, and so she doesn't take her royal duties as seriously as others might like.


Prior to leaving Elua, she lived a rather sheltered life in the castle and closed off from the outside world. Her parents died when she was at a young age, so she was taken care of by Cellar, the proxy consul who promised mikoto's father to take care of her, possibly the castle servants and Wallens, who is her personal assistant and her first friend.Their feelings for each other are very deep, even though they fight a lot. When Mikoto was little, she met Bonny, a hunter, and grew up her hearing stories of Hunters and deeds they did. These stories inspired her to set out on her own to see the world.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She possesses the power of the godess Isowel, which enables her to manifest a powerful whirlpool of water around her sword and control it at will. While Mikoto

Mikoto after mastering her power.

doesn't seem to be aware of this power at first and it has saved her life on several occasions. Later, later she learns to control her power after training as a a gondolier with Gin. When it manifests, it is able to block powerful magic and attacks, as well as giving Mikoto the strength to take down powerful creatures like King Monsters with one hit.


  • Mikoto se Asocia con el color de de azul, Como se ve en su vestido, cuello, el aura de Poder y su Capacidad de Ser Vinculado al agua.
    Diva Blade Davina Card

    The Diva Blade Davina Card.

  • She is also shown in Episode 18 to be a terrible singer.
  • Mikoto's name is the Arabic dub show is Davina.
  • Her design is based off of the Diva Blade Davina card from the Driland Card game