Sarran Knights (Former)

Mikoto's Group

Demon Clan (Undercover)


Commander of the Sarran Knights



First Appearance

Episode 4

Voice Actor

Kōki Uchiyama

Pan was a wandering adventurer before he met Mikoto's group, and eventually joining them after a few encounters. His weapon is a double-edged poleaxe.


Tanken DrilandEdit

A young man with short reddish-brown hair and green eyes, Pan wears the armour of the Sarran knights which he previously belonged to. It consists of a metal chestplate and backplate, shoulder protectors, gauntlets, boots and metal strips attatched to a short leather skirt. Orange jewels decorate his armour, and he wears a dark blue shirt and pants underneath it.
Pan's Changed Appearance

Pan after Bizant used demon magic on him.

After joining Bizant to gather information on his organization's goals, Pan was subjected to demon magic which changed his appearance. His hair turned completely white  and his eyes became a brighter shade of teal. His armour became dark grey and his shirt and pants turned  a dark maroon, and the blades on his poleaxe darkened in colour.

Tanken Driland: Sennen no MahōEdit

Pan's appearance changed very little in the thousand years between the two series. His hair becomes longer and is braided in the back with an orange ribbon. Over his armour, he wears a short tan cloak. He also recieved two scars from his battles with Godd's forces - a vertical one cutting across his right eye, and a horizontal scar across the bridge of his nose.


He is a very cool and a mellow character who enjoys to battle.  He has a strong hate for disrespectful people but is very loyal and thoughtful to his friends. 


Pan joined the Sarran knights at a young age and worked hard to become the best of the new recruits, often distancing himself from his comrades in his pursuit of power. He was eventually named the top of his class but he felt it wasn't enough and challenged his commander to a fight. He was defeated easily, and left the knights behind in order to try and becoming more powerful. It was on this journey that he met Mikoto and the others and was accepted into her group.


The demon magic which transformed his appearance may have also made him incapable of aging.


  • His name is ocassionaly spelled as Pahn on other sites
  • His name can also be translated as Paan
  • Pan is also fond of cute things
  • Pan's name in the Arabic dub version of the show is Rayan